Coaching services

1-1 online coaching - £75 PCM

The majority of my Strength and Conditioning coaching is done in an online capacity. This allows the client much more freedom to fit their training around their own schedule. For those who lead busy lives, which are subject to change then this is ideal. 1-1 online coaching is for ALL clients, irrespective of experience, level of play / competition, sex or age.  Whatever your goal, I am here to help.


If you sign up for 1-1 coaching, you will be provided with your training programme on a month to month basis. This will be presented on an excel spreadsheet, or a shared google drive between the coach (Myself) and client. The client will have the full months training in advance, to allow for flexibility within their weekly structure. 

The programme will be individually tailored to the client's specific needs, whether this is sport specific or personal goals. Often, a combination of both. To ensure the client is on the right lines, they will be expected to keep the coach up to date with training / exercise videos so that the coach can feedback on technique etc, to ensure they are getting the most out of their training. 


The client will have access to frequent communication with the coach via WhatsApp,  alongside the check in procedure. 


Clients will have 1 main check in per week. Within this check in, the client will let myself know how the weeks training has gone, alongside notifying the coach of anything noteworthy re nutrition, recovery, mindset etc. The spreadsheet will be filled in and then sent back to me, so I can evaluate the week and discuss it with the client.


Client's can also briefly check in / feedback at the end of each session. This is the ideal opportunity to send the video footage. 


Still unsure on what it would be like to work with me? click on the "client testimonials" button below, to find out what some of the individuals I have worked with have said about me.

If you are interested, drop me an email to book in for your free consultation. More information can be found on the "about Stewart Athletic Development" button below

1-1 In person Coaching - £30 per hour

1-1 in person coaching is a service of limited availability. These sessions will be aimed to improve technical performance in 1-2 specific movements e.g the back squat. These sessions are aimed at beginner / intermediate clients

Block programmes

For those looking for a simple programme, without the commitment of 1-1 coaching, there are a variety of one-off purchase block programmes. These are NOT sport specific. They focus on general physical qualities such as strength, power etc. 

These programmes are presented in an excel spreadsheet, with options to vary exercise selection etc to your preferences. More information on these programmes can be found here on the "block programmes and merchandise" button below. 

Free resources

For those looking for free resources, I have written a series of blog articles covering a variety of Strength and Conditioning related topics. Feel free to check out the Blog for more information!. The blog can be found on the "Blog articles" button below!

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