Andrew Ainslie - Rugby Union 

" I started working with Callum last year to prepare me for a return to playing Rugby following a long time period off. Callum's training, guidance and support throughout this process allowed me to regain confidence that I could still perform to my optimal level without risking injury. After returning to playing, he was able to help guide me through the process of maintaining the physical attributes I had gained in pre-season throughout the length of the whole rugby season"

Beth Tappenden - Rugby Union 

"As a coach, Callum was able to create unique programmes that were suitable for all levels of experience and ability on our team. His vast knowledge of rugby and fitness is evident from the marked improvement of our players in the gym, which translated to better performance on the pitch. He was able to induct new members new members of the gym with sessions that also provided advanced movements for experienced players, whilst adhering and adapting to the requests of the coaches and captain. The Saints women’s rugby football club thoroughly enjoyed Callum’s coaching style and the tools with which he provided us for next years season!"

Emily Jones - Rugby Union 

"Callum took over our S+C program at the beginning of this year and has had a tremendous impact on the team. He created comprehensive programs that developed everyones athleticism and also brought a coaching style that was adaptable and beneficial to everyone. With his knowledge he was able to adapt endlessly to help some individuals gain confidence in the gym, others to seamlessly recover from injury, and to push our top athletes. He is a hugely dedicated and encouraging coach that has advanced my own and our teams abilities and training". 

Georgina Steel - Field Hockey

"This past year Callum ran the Women's performance hockey S&C programme. He developed our programme with unique exercises specific to our movement on the pitch. He helped the team gain confidence in the gym and was an integral part part of our improvement! Callum also helped initiate a new MAS running programme with our coach. These sprints pushed every girl on the team to our limits, but when we tested later in the season versus when we started we were all faster! Callum was dedicated to each individuals improvement and it has been a privilege to work with him this year" 

Andrew Marley - Brazillian Ju Jitsu, Free style wrestling, MMA 

"Callum is an extremely knowledgeable and likeable coach. I started working with him during the covid lockdown and was concerned about how the lack of training would affect my physical attributes but not only did he put my mind at ease he developed a time effective programme with limited equipment availability which has increased my aerobic fitness and muscular endurance while also limiting the decline in strength and power. Going forward I can't wait to keep working with him to see what we can achieve"

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